XLW Series Water Operated Valve Actuator

There are many applications where it can be a benefit to operate the Actuators using pressurised water instead of compressed air. This can be particularly useful in remote areas where compressed air is not available.

The most common situation is when using mains water supply which is normally in the pressure range from 4 – 7 bar (60-100psi).

Standard XL Actuators have been used successfully in many water applications but Hytork™ recommends that XLW Actuators are used in this application to assure smooth and reliable operation.

Hytork™ XLW Actuators are specifically prepared for operating by water. This preparation is concerned with corrosion protection, bearings and the preventing the ingress of particles with the water. Contaminated water can cause damage to the Actuator Seals and bearing areas and reduce the operating efficiency and Actuator life.

XLW Series Water Operated Valve Actuator

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