XL “Commando” Valve Actuator

Available Sizes & Torques
The “XL COMMANDO” is available in eleven sizes producing up to 35,000 in.lbs. (3954Nm) of torque for all types of 90 degree rotation valves.

The HyVision and the new SafeVision COMMANDO valve position monitors are available with up to four switches including proximity sensors and the “i MAX” hermetically sealed reed switch.

For Aggressive Corrosive Environments

The “XL COMMANDO” starts with Hytork™’s proven industry leader, the XL aluminum actuator. The aluminum body parts are then treated with Fluoropolymers from the CORROGARD range (CORROGARD-CG941in a method that no extruded actuator body can receive, providing a complete, durable impregnation of all body parts, inside and out. The steel pinion is treated with CORROGARD-CG942. The result is the XL COMMANDO. Years of field trials have proven this to be the answer to many corrosive environments. Light in weight, heavy in performance, state of the art design and a durable impregnation which guards against corrosion which provides maximum protection from corrosion attack

Valve Position Monitoring
To compliment the “XL COMMANDO” actuator range, Hytork has two solutions for valve position monitoring in corrosive environments.

  • There is the proven “HyVision” (NEMA 4 and IP66) manufactured in corrosion resistant composite materials.
  • The new “SafeVision Commando” (NEMA 4,4x, 7, 9 & CENELEC EN 50 18 Code EExd specifications) manufactured and treated using the same processes as the “XL COMMANDO” to provide a complete solution to many of your corrosive environment problems.

 Corrosion Resistance
A durable Fluoropolymer impregnation (using CORROGARD-CG941) of the actuator body parts (inside and out) for maximum corrosion resistance.

This durable impregnation can best be achieved in cast aluminum parts (all XL COMMANDO body parts are cast aluminum). As the aluminum metal grains are expanded under heat the CORROGARD-CG941 is applied, entering the grain structure and, upon cooling, is locked at the surface, integral with the grain structure. Extruded surfaces can only be coated and are more susceptible to scratches and other mechanical deterioration.


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