VTE Vortex Smart flow meter

Product Description:

VTF series VTE flow meters are designed for measuring the volume/mass flow of liquids, gases and steam based on
Karman VTE principle.
Adopting advanced differential algorithm a long with measurement of isolation,shielding and wave filtering, VTF series
VTE flow meters have the advantages of immunity on vibration and noise. Meanwhile, the liabilities of VTF
series VTE flow meters are well guaranteed by unique sensor packaging technology.
Upon receipt, examine your meter for visible damage. The VTE is a precision measuring instrument and should be
handled carefully. Remove the protective plugs and caps for a thorough inspection. If any items are damaged or
missing, contact us.
Make sure the VTE flow model meets your specific needs. For your future reference, it might be useful to record this
information on nameplate in the manual in case it becomes unreadable on the VTE. Refer to the nameplate for your
customized product’sspecification.