Topworx Valvetop D-ESD

Suitable for use in SIL-3 applications, TopWorx ESD Valve Controllers provide a complete Partial Stroke Test Solution with unique features and functionality that enable partial stroke testing of emergency shutdown valves without disrupting or shutting down the process.

Features & Benefits


  • Sensor Control Module to partially close the valve without discrupting the process
  • Pass / Fail indication via high / low response on the return signal
  • Open, Closed and Partial Stroke Test position sensors for feedback to the DCS or PLC
  • Onboard Diagnostics to enable predictive maintenance and early-warning alerts
  • Aluminium, Composite and 316L Stainless Steel platforms certified for use in Flameproof / Explosion Proof, Intrinsically Safe, or Non-Incendive hazardous areas
  • An optional local, lockable partial stroke Test Button integral to the unit

Topwarx Valvetop D-ESD

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