Series 765 Bidirectional Medium Duty Slurry Valve

Body Style: Wafer, Two-Piece Bolted
Size Range: 2”-12” / DN 50-300
Pressure Ratings: Up to 16″ (400mm) 150psi (10bar)
18-24″ (450-600mm) 90psi (6bar)
Seat Options:
Nat. Rubber: -60°-165°F / -51°-74°C
EPDM: -65°-248°F / -54°-120°C
Design: MSS SP-81
Testing: MSS SP-81
Face to Face: MSS SP-81 (150psi, 240psi models)
Certification: Canadian CRN
Drilling: ASME B16.5 CL150, ASME B16.47 CL150
Actuator Options: Handwheel: Standard 2-8″
Bevel Gear: Standard 10-24″
Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric