H Pattern Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap. Cast Iron construction. SS Internals End conns.: Screwed NPT / BSPT / BSP

PT63 float and thermostatic (integral air vent) steam traps are designed for draining condensate form building heating installations. They can also be used in low pressure industrial installations.

The “H” pattern offers users multiple fitment options. Modulating discharge of hot condensate at close to saturation temperature. Good air venting facilitates a fast start-up.

Limiting Conditions:

PMA: Max. allowable pressure 16 bar (g)
TMA: Max. allowable temperature 220ºC
PMO: Max. operating pressure 8.5 bar (g)
TMO: Max. operating temperature 220ºC
Cold hydro test pressure 32 bar (g)

Size: DN20, 25, 32, 40, 50

Connections: Screwed (NPT/BSPT/BSP)

PMO (bar) 8.5
TMA (ºC) 220
Capacity at PMO (kg/hr) 745 / 1285 /2035
Size DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50