Inverted Bucket Steam Trap. Cast iron construction. SS Internals. Vertical configuration. End conns.: Screwed NPT / BSPT / BSP

Inverted bucket steam trap with all stainless steel internals.
Best suited for equipment drains with medium to heavy condensate loads.
Intermittent operation.

The incerted bucket arrangement operates on the density difference between steam and water, giving a cyclic operation for discharge of the accumulated condensate.
High condensate handling capacities even at low pressure, permit the use of small trap sizes to suit many applications.
The valve and valve seat are hardened by a special induction hardening process to withstand continuous prolonged operation.
Perfect shut-off, no steam loss.

Limiting Conditions:

Max. operating pressure 16 bar (g)
Max. operating temperature 220ºC
Maximum operating back pressure at the outlet should not exceed 90% of the inlet pressure
Minimum differential pressure for satisfactory operation 0.1 bar
Cold hydro test pressure 32 bar (g)

Size: DN15,20

Connection: Screwed (NPT/BSPT/BSP)

PMO (bar) 10.5
TMA (ºC) 220
Capacity at PMO (kg/hr) 265
Size DN15, DN20