Thermodynamic Steam Trap with inbuilt strainer. Alloy Steel body. SS internals. End conns.: SW/FL

Thermodynamic steam trap in alloy steel construction with full stainless steel internals.
Best suited for medium / high pressure line drains, with low to medium condensate load.

Salient Features:
Complete stainless steel internals ensure better mechanical & corrosion resistance properties.
Condensate entry below the disc, concentric to the disc / seat ensures a clean & parallel lift of the disc with reference to the seat, eliminating localised wear & tear.
The disc & seat are fully hardened by a aspecial hardening process, to withstand continuous prolonged operation.
Perfect shut off, no steam loss
Robust, maintenance free, fully guaranteed.

Limiting Conditions:

PMA: Max. allowable pressure 65 bar (g)
TMA: Max. allowable temperature 510ºC
Maximum operating back pressure at the outlet should not exceed 80% of the inlet pressure
Minimum differential pressure for satisfactory operation 1.5 bar
Cold hydro test pressure 130 bar (g)

Size: DN15, 20

Connections: Socket Weld / Flanged

PMO (bar) 65
TMA (ºC) 510
Capacity at PMO (kg/hr) 1290
Size DN15, DN20