Pneumatic control valve in two way form with bellow sealing GP240GH+N (GS-C25N), PN 40/25


Body GP240GH+N(GS-C25N)
Actuator Diaphragm Area 250cm2


GP240GH+N (GS-C25N), two way form
for heat transfer oil
Pressure range: body PN 40
bellow PN 25
Immersion length acc. to DIN EN 558, basic series 1
Flanges acc. to DIN EN 1092-1 type 21
Spindle sealing: double wall bellow
and safety stuffing box
Internal parts: stainless steel, replaceable seat rings
Flow characteristic: equal percentage
Positioning ratio: 30:1
Leakage: < 0,01% Kvs

Diaphragm area 250 cm², ø250 mm
Operating mode (reversible):
“Spring closes straightway“
Air connection: G1/4“
Operating pressure: standard type: 1,6 bar
other types: …c: 2,4 bar, …d: 4,4 bar

Pneumatic Control Valve

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