MOD.260 EN.

The water in the boiler contains salts, which are built up by the continuous evaporation. If these salts are not eliminated, bubbles and foam are formed when the density of the water increased.
To prevent these lime deposits forming, the water supply must be suitably treated, with the
result that certain salts are changed producing impurities which form sludge and encrusted deposits which then adhere to the sides or the bottom of the boiler and to the combustion tubes, together with particles of dirt, remains of electrodes, carbonic acid, oxygen, etc.

This leads to a high level of rust which may:

  • Destroy the metal plate of the boiler, causing high maintenance costs.
  • Produce thermic voltages, causing cracks in the metal plate and soldering cord.
  • Notably slow down thermic transmission, meaning an unnecessary and excessive consumption of fuel.

MOD.260 EN.

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