Pneumatic Actuator

  • Balanced pinion design
  • Wide torque coverage
  • Dual-stroke adjustment
  • Large visual position indication


  • Built on proven technology (installed base > 2 million units)
  • Design by the same team that brought you “Field-Vue”
  • Actuators can exceed 1 million cycles
  • Patented diaphragm / poppet design for efficient pneumatic drive
  • Robust aluminum housings rated to Nema 4 / IP-65

Pneumatic Module

  • Reliable diaphragm / poppet design with large air flow
  • Integrated breather functionality
  • Integrated speed control on spring models


  • Patented integration of actuator, switchbox and solenoid eliminated common failure points in exposed pneumatic air lines and electric cabling
  • Small foot-print and compact modular design allows installation into existing “tightly placed” pipe strings
  • Patented (IPT) Intelligent Position Tracking and feedback

Control Module

  • The pre-engineered “Plug and Play” modules concept reduces engineering complexity and time by fully integrating control accessories into the actuator package.  Push-button auto-initialization allows fast, low-labor set-up.
  • Interchangeable Control Modules allow a choice of bus protocols to be applied to the automation package.  It can even accommodate “backwards” integration to a conventional module to accommodate standard electric connections.  Bus Control Modules can be changed at any time without expensive hardware modifications.  What to change bus in the future?  Just choose another module to “Plug and Play” in minutes.

Easy To Use

  • Pre-engineered “Plug and Play” modules provide easy maintenance, upgrades and elimination of common failure points
  • Integrated “Plug and Play” modules save time and costs on installation