Excel (XL) Series Valve Actuator

Two Directional Travel Stops: A unique, exclusive standard provides rotational adjustment for the actuator pinion, in both directions of travel. This patented design eliminates travel backlash between the rack and the pinion and works in both directions of rotation (unlike end cap stops) – standard up to size 1370 (optional stops available on 2585 and 4580).

SAFEKEY’ System: This patented flexible stainless steel key in a machined keyway eliminates stress concentration caused by capscrews, helicoils (thread inserts), etc., increases strength and provides a safety lock against “DANGEROUS” disassembly.

Simple Design:
 Only 3 moving parts -1 Pinion, 2 Pistons.

NAMUR Solenoid Mounting Pad: An International Standard. Permits a choice of various manufacturers’ solenoid valves to be direct mounted to the actuator. A single solenoid valve can be used for all actuator sizes.

NAMUR Standard Slotted Pinion: 
Provides a self centering, positive, no slop drive for positioners and switches and eliminates the actuator/accessory coupling.

Simple Design:
 Only 3 moving parts -1 Pinion, 2 Pistons.

 Safe in design, performance and maintenance. Hytork’s safekey, bottom entry pinion, rugged casting and permanent cast in rating and instructions, indestructible springs and unique spring retractor rod system combine to exceed tomorrow’s safety requirements.

‘DURASTRIP’ Bearings:
 A new long lasting, permanently lubricated, corrosion resistant, replaceable bearing that extends the actuator life in the most severe and demanding applications.

Rugged Construction:
 The heavy duty castings and extra large pinion gear with maximum tooth engagement, eliminates internal backlash and resists operating shocks and fatigue.

 A unique surface finish of Di-Aluminium Tri-Oxide (AL203): a hard, corrosion resistant ceramic like coating protecting all body surfaces against wear and corrosion.

Added Standard Protection:
 A long cure, two part epoxy coating provides extra protection against aggressive environments.

Versatile Modular Design:
 Attach or remove double acting or spring modules in minutes, select any combination of fail position, pinion rotation or actuator alignment in minutes – Safely!

Quality Assurance: 
Manufactured and designed to the highest QA/QC procedures – BS 5750:Part 1:1987 ISO 9001-1987, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited certified, plus many other national and corporate approvals.

Quality Assurance Stamps:
 Each actuator is hand stamped with its date of manufacture, the identification of its assembler and the identification of the tester that certified it ready.

Cast In Identification:
 Model numbers, port identifications, ratings, foundry trace and safety instructions are cast in for permanent readability.

Pinion Thrust and Radial Bearings:
 Durastrip thrust bearings protect against vertical forces and also seal against atmospheric intrusion. Durastrip Radial Bearings support all radial forces.

Pinion Seals – Top and Bottom:
 Seals to the atmosphere are located to minimize any crevices and maximize the protection against external corrosive build up.

Extensive Range:
 Hytork provides a complete range of Actuators, 11 sizes for torque requirements to 3950 Nm. (2914 Lb/ft)

Actuator Over Travel and Travel Stops:
 High performance and special duty valves require precise and specific rotation limits to perform their intended function.

ISO 5211 Standard Mounting Pad:
 An International Standard. Designed for optimum strength and interchangeability. Standardized mounting dimensions, bolt diameters and bolt hole depths for ease and flexibility of mounting; with or without brackets.

Large Cast-In Air Passage:
 This unique “supply-size” internal air passage permits obstruction free, fast operation and simple “air assist” when required.

Excel (XL) Series Valve Actuator

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