Cast Steel Bolted Gate Valve Class 300

Bolted Bonnet, Outside Screw and Yoke, Rising Stem, Non-rising Handwheel, Flexible Wedge.

Body WCB / SS304 / SS316
Disc WCB+13Cr / SS304 / SS316


  • Face to face and end to end dimension:

36” and smaller to ASME B16.10

  • Flange dimension:

24” and smaller to ASME B16.5
28” and larger to ASME B16.47 series A

  • Shell wall thickness:

28” and smaller to API600
25” and larger to manufacturer’s standard

  • B.W.end to ASME B16.25
  • 8” and smaller valves have a one-piece bonnet and yoke design
  • 10” and larger valves have a two-piece bonnet and yoke design

Cast Steel Bolted Gate Valve Class 300

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