Bettis CBB Series Scotch-Yoke Pneumatic Actuators

Application and Features


•  For use in automating ball, butterfly and non-lubricated plug valves, or any quarter-turn (90 degree) rotating mechanism.
•  PED 97/23/EC compliant to meet the stringent requirements of pressure retaining vessels.
•  Compact, lightweight, and economical scotch-yoke design. The scotch-yoke mechanism provides optimum torque curves for quarter-turn operation.
•  Ductile iron housing and piston provide more strength per pound, increased durability and corrosion resistance.
•  Standard dual valve mounting interface provides flexibility for installation in a fail-open or fail-close application without the need of actuator disassembly. Installation is possible in any position, parallel or at right angles to the flow line, in the vertical or horizontal plane.
•  Choice of 29 sizes with guaranteed minimum torque outputs up to 11,515 lb-in (1,301 Nm) for double-acting and 4,269 lb-in (482 Nm) spring-return configuration.
•  Increased actuator efficiency and corrosion resistance are possible with a Xylan fluoropolymer coating on the interior of the power cylinder. The permanently-bonded coating is highly resistant to abrasion, thermal shock and provides excellent lubricity and low friction properties.
•  Close Loop Instrument System for actuators is strongly recommended for the following applications: High humidity; Salt air; Corrosive dust; Inks and dyes; Wash Downs. The closed loop system routes the operating media being exhausted from the power side of the cylinder to the vented side of the cylinder. Maximum pressure on the vented side of the power cylinder is to be 5 to 8 psig.


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